Hub-to-Hub 2 Transfer Process


Transfer FAQs

1. I have a Wink Hub, and I would like to transfer my products to my Wink Hub 2, is this possible?

  a. Yes! Follow the instructions below for an easy transfer.

2. Can I transfer products from an original Wink Hub to another original Wink Hub?**

  a. At this time you can only transfer products, automations, and personal settings from the original Wink Hub to Wink Hub 2.

3. Can I transfer my automations? Hub name? Shared users?

  a. Yes! All of your automations and Hub settings will transfer to your Wink Hub 2.

4. Can I transfer the products from multiple Wink Hubs to a single Wink Hub 2?

  a. At this time the transfer process is 1:1 (you can only transfer one original Wink Hub to one Wink Hub 2). If you have multiple Wink Hubs,
  you will be prompted to select which Wink Hub you prefer to transfer.

5. I have Lutron products on my Wink Hub, how can I transfer them to Wink Hub 2?

  a. The transfer process will migrate all Lutron products, and the automations you've created with them, over to Wink Hub 2. After
  the transfer is completed, Wink will prompt you to connect each of your Lutron products with one tap in the Wink app,
  and one quick physical interaction on each product. The reason for this is that Lutron's proprietary radio does not allow for
  direct product transfer.

6. What about my Lutron automations?

  a. Your Lutron automations will not activate if the devices have not been transferred to Wink Hub 2.

7. What happens if the transfer fails?

  a. While unlikely, if there is an issue with the transfer process, an error message will appear in the Wink
  app with additional instructions. Devices will remain connected to the original Wink Hub until the completion
  of the connection process.

8. Can I transfer my Wink Hub or Wink Hub 2 setup to my Wink Bright?

  a. The normal transfer process will not work with Wink Bright at this time. If you are looking to transfer your current Wink Hub setup, we recommend you purchase a <a    href="">Wink Hub 2</a>. individually."

How to Transfer

1. Connect

a. Plug in and connect your Wink Hub and Wink Hub 2. Make sure both hubs are updated with the latest firmware version. Your Wink Hub 2 must not yet have any products connected to accept the transfer.

2. Transfer

a. Once Wink Hub 2 has been successfully connected to your Wink account, the Wink app will ask if you would like to transfer the products from your Wink Hub to your Wink Hub 2. You may begin the transfer immediately, or choose to do it later by selecting ‘No, I’ll use both Hubs.’ The transfer menu can later be accessed from the Hub Settings page within the Wink app.

b. Continue to follow the in-app instructions. The transfer typically completes in a matter of minutes and in no more than ten minutes. You will receive a notification once the transfer is complete.

c. Once completed, a success message will appear within the app and all of your products will be visible under your new Wink Hub 2.

3. Wink Hub Reset

a. Once the transfer is complete, your Wink Hub 2 will assume the connected products, automations, and basic settings associated with the original Wink Hub. The original Wink Hub will be reset to factory settings.