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Dome Door Window Sensor
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Product FAQ
Can this be installed outside?
The Dome Dome/Window Sensor is designed for indoor use only.
Can I use the Door/Window sensor in a safe?
Yes, as long as the Z-Wave signal will reach the inside of the safe.
Will the Door/Window sensor extend my Z-Wave range.
No the Door/Window Sensor will not extend your Z-Wave range.
What is the maximum distance between the magnet and the sensor?
The maximum distance between the magnet and the sensor is .5 inches.
What is the range of the Dome Door/Window Sensor?
The Dome Door/Window sensor has a Z-Wave range of up to 150' from the nearest plugged in device.
Does the Dome Door/Window Sensor use any wires?
Nope! The Door/Window Sensor is battery powered and communicates without any wires using Z-Wave.
Is the Dome Door/Window Sensor Z-Wave Plus certified?
Yes, the Dome Door/Window Sensor is Z-Wave Plus certified.
I am a power user - where can I find more detailed information on Dome devices and how they work with Wink?