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Dome Siren
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Product FAQ
Can this be installed outside?
The Dome Siren is designed for indoor use only.
How loud is the Siren?
The Dome Siren goes up to 105db.
Will the Dome Siren extend my Z-Wave range?
No, The Dome Siren will not extend your Z-Wave range.
Does the Dome Siren have any alerts other than sound?
Yes, The Dome Siren will also alert those nearby with flashing LED's.
Where can I install the Dome Siren?
The Dome Siren has flexible mounting options since it is battery powered. It can be intalled on walls, tabletops, ceilings, and other surfaces.
Does the Siren have to be plugged in?
The Siren is battery powered, so it doesn't have to be plugged in!
Is the Dome Siren Z-Wave Plus certified?
Yes, the Dome Siren is Z-Wave Plus certified.
I am a power user - where can I find more detailed information on Dome devices and how they work with Wink?
Please see links for Wink How-To's and advanced manuals:
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