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  • Wink app (6.0+)
  • Apple® smartphones & tablets (tablets use iPhone app) or Android™ device
  • Lighting product(s)
Product FAQ
What is Home Sitter?
Home Sitter is a lighting service in the Wink app that makes it look like you’re home when you’re away. Home Sitter turns your Wink-compatible lighting products on and off in a natural cadence to mimic human activity.
How do I activate Home Sitter?
As part of the Wink app version 6.0, a Services tab will appear in the Wink Lights + Power screen. Within the Services tab, select “Setup” to activate Home Sitter.
Is Home Sitter free to use?
Yes, Home Sitter is a free service within the Wink app.
How does Home Sitter mimic human behavior when I'm away?
From analyzing user data, Wink has determined specific time periods when users naturally turn their lights on and off. Home Sitter uses this data to generate a natural pattern that mimics human behavior. No day is identical, and each light behaves a little differently.
Does Home Sitter automatically know when I’m away based on my phone’s location?
No, Home Sitter must be manually turned on and off within the Wink app. It does not turn on automatically.
Can you activate multiple locations for Home Sitter at once?
Currently, Home Sitter can only be used with one location at a time. You can easily set your home location in the Wink app.
Will Home Sitter work if I have not set a home location?
No, you must add a home location in order to turn on Home Sitter.
Does Home Sitter work with other Wink-compatible products besides the Sylvania bulbs included in Wink Bright?
Yes, Home Sitter can be used with any Wink-compatible lighting product found within the Lights + Power section of the Wink app, including light bulbs, dimmers, outlets, and switches.
How do I confirm Home Sitter is working?
You can see Home Sitter’s activity in both the Wink app’s main activity feed and the Lights + Power section’s activity feed.
Will Home Sitter interfere with my existing Shortcuts, Schedules, and Robots?
Home Sitter will not deactivate any automations previously set by Wink or other third-party applications, such as Stringify and IFTTT. For optimal usage, it’s advised to disable any automation that may interfere with Home Sitter. However, if you do have existing automations controlling the same lighting product as Home Sitter, keep in mind some lights may turn off earlier than expected due to the changing patterns of Home Sitter.
Can I simultaneously use the same lighting product with both Home Sitter and Moonlight?
For the optimal experience, Home Sitter and Moonlight should not control the same devices. If you do have both services control the same lighting product, keep in mind some lights may turn off earlier than sunrise due to the changing patterns of Home Sitter.
What are Travel Lights and Porch Lights?
We recently re-named our Lighting Services, so if you see Travel Lights and Porch Lights in your app, please upgrade to the latest version (6.0) to experience the new and improved services now called Home Sitter and Moonlight.
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