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Product FAQ
How does leakSMART™ work?
The complete leakSMART™ system is made up of four (4) key components — (1) wireless, waterproof and reusable leakSMART™ Sensors; (2) a Wink Hub / Wink Hub 2 that acts as the communication gateway between the sensors, the valve and the cloud; (3) a patent-pending, solid brass, full port, wireless motorized water valve; and (4) the Wink app, which allows the homeowner to be notified of any activity and control the system via a smart device. When a sensor detects water, it sends an immediate signal to the Wink Hub / Wink Hub 2. The hub sends a signal to the cloud, which notifies the homeowner of a system event on their smart device via the app. The hub also simultaneously sends a signal to the valve, which automatically shuts off the main water supply to the home — all in less than 10 seconds.
Will leakSMART™ detect all water leaks?
leakSMART™ will detect water leaks that come into contact with a leakSMART™ Sensor on your floor. It will not detect water leaks within the wall or in rooms where a sensor has not been placed.
Can additional sensors be connected to the same leakSMART™ system?
Multiple sensors can be placed throughout the home near selected appliances and plumbing fixtures where leaks may occur. Up to 32 sensors can be connected to the same leakSMART™ system for whole home protection. Additional leakSMART™ Sensors are available here, or from retailers where leakSMART™ systems are sold.
What happens when water comes into contact with the leakSMART™ Sensor?
When water makes contact with a leakSMART™ Sensor, it sends an immediate signal to the Wink Hub / Wink Hub 2. The hub then sends a notification to the homeowner via the app and simultaneously signals the leakSMART™ Valve to close, automatically shutting off the water supply. The sensor also produces an audible alarm and blinking light to notify the homeowner of a leak.
Can the leakSMART™ Sensor be used again, after it has detected a leak?
Yes, leakSMART™ Sensors are waterproof and reusable.
Can the sensors also monitor temperature?
Yes. leakSMART™ Sensors can also be programmed to monitor temperature and notify the homeowner of temperature changes in the home, via the Wink app. The temperature monitoring feature can help prevent frozen water pipes by notifying the homeowner of significant changes in temperature.
How is the sensor powered?
The leakSMART™ Sensor is powered by 3 AAA alkaline batteries. Always make sure fresh batteries are installed in the sensor. When the battery power is low, the sensor will emit an audible beep to notify the homeowner that the batteries must be replaced. The homeowner will also be notified of low battery power via the app.
Installation Manual
Using Wink
Set Up
To ensure your sensor is in range of the Wink Hub / Wink Hub 2, follow the pairing instructions near the final installation location for the sensor.
Sign Up
Open the Wink app on your mobile device and log in with your email address and password. If this is your first time using the Wink app, tap Sign Up to create an account.
Add Product
Tap "Add a Product”, then tap “sensors”, then tap “leakSMART sensor”. Follow the instructions in the Wink app. When the Wink app displays “Success,” your leakSMART Sensor is connected.