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Lutron Pico On Off Remote
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  • Lutron Pico On/Off Remote
  • Wink app (latest version)
  • Wink Hub / Wink Hub 2
  • Apple® smartphones & tablets (tablets use iPhone app) or Android™ device
  • A 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi network
Product FAQ
How do I pair my Pico On/Off remote?
After pairing your Lutron lighting device, the Wink app will prompt you to pair your Pico remote as well (if you'd like to). Simply follow the instructions in the app to pair the remote. Once it is paired, you will be able to control all Lutron light fixtures that are paired to the Wink Hub / Wink Hub 2 using the remote as well—just choose which lights to control through the app. If you’d like to add a Pico remote to your Wink hub later, you can do so by choosing “Add a product” within the Wink app, then choosing the “Remotes” category, then the “Pico On/Off Remote”, and then following the instructions.
Can Lutron remotes be paired with more than one switch at a time?
No. If you pair your switch with a Pico remote, it won't be able to be paired with the Hub. To fix this, all you have to do is pair the switch with the Wink Hub / Wink Hub 2 first, then pair your Pico remote directly to our Wink Hub / Wink Hub 2 afterwards. Our Hub will assign your switch to the Pico Remote.
Installation Instructions