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Pella Insynctive Bridge
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  • Pella Insynctive Bridge
  • Wink Hub / Wink Hub 2
  • Apple® smartphones & tablets (tablets use iPhone app) or Android™ device
  • Wink app (latest version)
Product FAQ
Can I install the Pella Insynctive Bridge myself?
Yes, installation is easy. All you need is a standard outlet, no wiring necessary. For further details reference the Insynctive Bridge Product Guide.
What is the range of the Pella Insynctive Bridge?
One Insynctive Bridge per household is typical. Reference product guide for more information
Is the Pella Insynctive Bridge required?
Yes, you must have an Insynctive Bridge to monitor your Pella Insynctive products.
Does the Pella Insynctive Bridge send alerts?
Yes, the Insynctive Bridge sends numerous alerts. See Product Guide for details.
Using Wink
Add Product
Once your bridge is installed, navigate to "Add a Product" in the Wink App. Go to Bridges and select your fan.
Follow the instructions to pair your bridge