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Pella Insynctive Motorized Blinds and Shades
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Product FAQ
Can I install Motorized Between-the-Glass Blinds and Shades myself?
For factory installed Motorized Between-the-Glass Blinds and Shades, no installation is necessary. Simply pair your Pella window fashion to the Insynctive Bridge with an Insynctive Remote.
What is the range of Pella Insynctive Motorized Blinds and Shades?
Shade Operation through WINK requires the Insynctive Bridge. One Bridge per household is typical. If operating with the Insynctive Remote, typical Remote range is within 30 feet.*
How long does the Motorized Shade battery last?
Insynctive Shade rechargable battery has a typical battery life of up to 5 years.*
How do I charge my motorized blind or shade battery?
Motorized blinds and shades are rechargeable with the Pella Insynctive Roomside Wall Charger. In addition, with adequte direct sunlight, the battery stays trickle charged by the Solar Panel on the exterior of the blind and shade battery.*
Do Pella Insynctive Motorized Blinds and Shades only work with Pella windows and patio doors?
Yes. Insynctive Motorized Between-the-Glass Blinds and Shades are factory installed to fit in your Pella Designer Series windows and patio doors.
Do I need an Insynctive Single-Channel Remote Control for Motorized Blinds and Shades?
Yes. An Insynctive Remote is required for pairing blinds and shades to the Insynctive Bridge. You can control Motorized Blinds and Shades with both the Remote and through WINK.
Can I add automation to my existing Pella Designer Series Between-the-Glass Blinds and Shades?
Yes. You can add automation to existing blinds and shades or purchase new motorized blinds and shades for existing Pella Designer Series windows and patio doors that were built in 2005 or after.
Using Wink
Add Product
Once your blinds are installed, navigate to "Add a Product" in the Wink App. Go to blinds and select your blind.
Follow the instructions to pair your blinds