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Sonos Home Sound System
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  • One or more Sonos speakers (any model)
  • Wink Hub 2
  • Apple® or Android™ smart device
  • Wink App (6.5+)
Product FAQ
What can Wink do with Sonos?
Wink allows you to control your Sonos system while you’re away from home, as well as automate various Sonos actions using Wink Robots and Shortcuts. When you’re away from home, you can play a Sonos Favorite, resume, pause, skip, and adjust volume for your Sonos groups. You can also see what’s currently playing, even if you didn’t play it via Wink. Through Wink Robots and Shortcuts, you can automatically play a Sonos Favorite, resume, pause, or adjust volume on a set of speakers. These speakers will be made into a Sonos group if they are not already grouped.
How do I add Sonos to Wink?
You can find Sonos in the “Add to Wink” section of the Wink app. Then it’s only a couple taps to add Sonos to your Wink account. If you have multiple Sonos speakers in your house, they will all be added to Wink. Note that the Sonos system and your Wink Hub need to be on the same network (connected to the same home router) for Wink to recognize Sonos.
What are some cool ways to use Sonos with Wink?
Here are a few:
  • - Welcome home: use a Robot to play music when you arrive home
  • - One-tap music and lights: use a Shortcut to set the lights and music all at once
  • - Shut down the house: turn off lights and music when you leave home
Can I use a remote to control Sonos via Wink?
Yes, the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote can be used to trigger Sonos Shortcuts.
How do I add a Sonos Favorite?
You need to use the Sonos app to create a Sonos Favorite. Choose the content you’d like, then tap “add to My Sonos”.
I have a Sonos One with Alexa built in. Can it control Wink?
Yes, the Alexa features of the Sonos One work with Wink just like the normal Alexa. You’ll need to follow the Sonos instructions for setting up Alexa, and then add the Wink skill to Alexa from the Alexa App.
How do I remove Sonos from Wink?
To remove Sonos from Wink, go to the “Linked Devices” option in the Account Settings menu in the Wink App. From there, choose the “Sonos” item and “Unlink Account”.