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Wink Hub 2
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  • Wink Hub 2
  • Wink App (latest version)
  • Wi-Fi® network with 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz routers running on WPA-PSK, open security, or WEP. Ethernet Port.
  • Apple® smartphones & tablets (tablets use iPhone app) or Android™ device
Product FAQ
What is Wink Hub 2?
Wink Hub 2 is the world’s first smart home hub created for the mainstream consumer. With industry-leading smart home protocol support, enhanced connectivity features, and a sleek design, Wink Hub 2 brings hundreds of products from best-in-class brands together for a simple, intuitive experience.
What are the differences between the Wink Hub and Wink Hub 2?
Wink Hub 2 builds on the foundation of the original Wink Hub with new updates making it faster, easier to setup, and more secure, plus expanded support for more smart home products. For more information, check out this comparison chart.
Can I connect more than one Wink Hub or Wink Hub 2 to my Wink account?
Yes! When you have multiple Wink Hubs connected to your Wink account, simply choose which Wink Hub you would like to use during pairing.
How do I use Wink Hub 2 if I already have an original Wink Hub set up?
You can continue to use the Wink Hub in conjunction with Wink Hub 2. You can also easily transfer all of your smart products, automations, and personal settings from the original Wink Hub to Wink Hub 2. It all takes place in the Wink app in a matter of minutes. See our transfer instructions for more information on this!
What is the Ethernet cord for? Do I have to use to use the Ethernet cord?
The Ethernet cord enables a smoother, more reliable network connection. You can also connect Wink Hub 2 through Wi-Fi, however, we do recommend using the included Ethernet cord to ensure an optimal internet connection.
What protocols does the Wink Hub 2 support?
Wink Hub 2 supports Bluetooth LE, Kidde, Lutron Clear Connect, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and Zigbee. A Thread-capable has also been included for future support.
What about IFTTT and Amazon Alexa?
The Wink Shortcuts channel on IFTTT enables you to activate Wink Shortcuts through IFTTT triggers while Alexa allows you to control your smart home with your voice. You can find more information about Wink + Echo at
Can I connect products other than what is listed on the Wink Products page?
In most cases, yes! The Wink Hub and Hub 2 have options for generic Z-wave and generic Zigbee Wave devices. However, for the best compatibility and 100% confirmed functionality, it's recommended you use Wink-certified products. We work with these partners to design the app experience, complete testing, and cross-train our customer support teams to ensure a smooth experience.
Can I share control of my devices with other people?
Yes, you can share devices while maintaining control of your own Wink account. Make sure that you and the person you are sharing with have confirmed your Wink accounts. This is done by clicking the link in the email from Wink after you initially create your account. You will be sharing control of an individual Wink Hub. From the Wink Hub page within the Wink app, tap the three blue dots in the upper right corner and tap the name of your Hub in the side menu. Then tap "Add a user". You can also share devices separately by accessing their individual settings page and adding a user.
What if my power at home goes out? Will I need to do anything to get my Wink HUB up and running again?
Should a power outage occur in your home, all of your products should reconnect automatically when your power and Internet connection is restored. Sometimes the Hub will reboot before your Wi-Fi network is active again. In this case, unplugging and replugging will usually get things reconnected. If this does not work, try restarting your wireless router while the Hub is off then power the Hub back on once the router has rebooted. Also, Wink Devices such as door locks use batteries and can always be used manually if the power or Internet goes out.
How secure is the Wink Hub 2?
Wink Hub 2 uses a new hardware based feature called secure boot. Secure boot ensures that only software created by Wink can run on your hub. This makes it nearly impossible for hackers to run malware or compromise the integrity of your hub.
What do the different colors of the Wink Hub 2 LED indicate?
The Wink App will give you feedback as to the current status of your Wink Hub. For more information on the different LED colors, please see below.
Solid whiteStarting up
Breathing greenUpdating radios or Transfer in progress
Breathing whiteNot added to Wink
Breathing blueConnecting to network and adding to Wink
Solid blueConnected to Wink
Building greenDownloading update
Solid greenSuccessful update
Solid yellow (4 sec)Failed update
Rapid flashing whiteHub is updating
Flashing blueHub is in pairing mode
Solid green (2 sec)Device successfully paired / message from a connected device
Solid yellow (2 sec)Device failed to pair
Flashing yellowZ-wave inclusion / exclusion failure
Solid redCorrupt memory
Flashing red/greenProblem with an update
Flashing whitePreparing to reboot
Breathing yellowDisconnected from network
Red/Blue flashingPerforming factory reset
Solid green (0-5 sec)In reset mode, release button to initiate reboot
Flashing green (5-30 sec)In reset mode, release button to delete WiFi information
Flashing bright green / dim green (30+ sec)In reset mode, release button to fully factory reset
Setup Guide
Using Wink
Sign Up
Open the Wink app on your mobile device and login with your email address and password. If this is your first time using the Wink app, tap Sign Up to create an account.
Navigate to the ‘Add a Product’ page. Tap Hub, then select Wink Hub 2.
Plug the ethernet cord into your Hub 2 and then into your router. If you are not using the ethernet cord, plug in your Hub 2 and place in a desired location.
Follow the in-app instructions for adding your Wink Hub 2. Once an internet connection has been found, you can add the Wink Hub 2 to you account. If you've added your Wink Hub 2 using an Ethernet connection, you can always change it to WiFi by accessing the Wink Hub 2 settings.
Add to Wink
Press the ‘Add to Wink’ button. Once your Hub is added to your Wink account, you will receive a success message. By default, the name of your Hub will be "Wink Hub 2", which you can rename by tapping. Otherwise, hit "done" to continue. After adding a brand new Wink Hub 2 to your account, it will automatically update the firmware. Without the most up-to-date firmware installed, the Hub and app may not communicate properly with the products you're trying to connect.
Transfer (Optional)
If you have an original Wink Hub and are interesting in transferring your products and automations to your Hub 2, please see the following transfer instructions.
Meet Wink Hub 2
Setup & Troubleshooting Guide