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Wink Motion Sensor
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  • Wink Motion Sensor
  • Wink Hub / Wink Hub 2
  • Apple® or Android™ smart device
  • Wink App (6.5+)
Product FAQ
What is the Wink Motion Sensor?
The Wink Motion Sensor wirelessly communicates with your Wink Hub to send you an alert via the Wink app when activity occurs. Easily mount or place sensors around your home or use with the Wink Siren & Chime for an added layer of security.

Battery life: Up to 3 years, Detection range: 110 degrees, Z-Wave Plus Certified, Recommended for indoor use
What kinds of settings are available for the Wink Motion Sensor?
Low battery indicator, and motion sensitivity (very low, low, medium, high, very high).
Does the Wink Motion Sensor detect temperature?
No, it does not detect temperature.
Does the Wink Motion Sensor have a light?
Yes, the sensor face has a blue LED when the sensor is activated.
What is the “cool down” period for the Wink Motion Sensor?
After detecting activity, the Wink Motion Sensor is ready to detect activity again within a few seconds.
Can the Wink Motion Sensor be used outdoors?
No, this product is not recommended for outdoor use.
Is the battery included in the Wink Door / Window Sensor?
Yes, the battery is included.
What type of battery does the Wink Motion Sensor use?
The Wink Motion Sensor uses one Lithium CR123A battery.
Wink Motion Sensor Manual