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September 23, 2014 - New York, New York
Wink announces Relay, touchscreen display and control pad for the connected home
Announces significant updates to the Wink app and new product integrations

Wink, the company that connects you with all of the smart products in your home, today announced Relay. Replacing a light switch, Relay conveniently controls and monitors your connected home from one central location. Relay brings all of the convenience of your smart home to your wall, so that you can keep your phone in your pocket. This Wi-Fi-connected control pad acts as a command center by interacting with more than 100 products from 15 trusted brands that already work with Wink. Relay is available today for presale on Amazon for $300.00.

“Done right, the smart home connects you to what you want, when you need it…bringing conveniences of safety, security, and automation. That doesn’t mean you should have to see your work email when you lock your door,” says Brett Worthington, VP/GM of Wink. “Relay allows you to have control of your home without having to look at your phone.”

DIYers can install Relay by replacing any light switch. Once installed, Relay will automatically connect with all Wink App Ready products, from light bulbs to garage door openers, as well as Wink App Compatible products that use the Wink HUB to connect. Watch Relay in action here.

Relay’s 4.3” multi-touch LCD display makes it easy to monitor everything in one place. The two mechanical buttons act as replacement light switches, perfect for controlling smart bulbs, or they can be programmed to turn other smart home products on or off with a single click.

Relay gives everyone in your home access to smart home functions, from kids to guests and even in-laws. It has built-in infrared proximity sensors that light up the display and provide current temperature and humidity readings when a user is near. It will also allow users to leave voice messages through its built-in mic and speaker system. And as Wink’s ecosystem continues to expand with additional products and features, Relay’s software will be updated remotely so that users always have the latest and best functionality. For example, Relay’s sensors will soon be able to recognize individual users and respond to their personal settings. No matter how smart homes get, Relay users will always be up-to-date.

Relay will be available at The Home Depot this holiday season. For more information, visit

Wink app updates
Accompanying the debut of Relay are updates to the Wink app that, like the new touchscreen controller, also make it easy to interact with the connected home. Updates include a new home screen, new lighting controls that make it easier to control groups of lights, and a new dashboard.

Based on feedback from users, Wink is also adding new ways for smart products to work together by expanding the capabilities of Robots and Shortcuts. Upon the launch of Relay, you will be able to view and automate how all products interact from one simple screen.

New product integrations
To further Wink’s mission to create an open platform that connects you to everything in your connected home, we are announcing a number of brands who will soon be joining the Wink platform. Wink will be integrating with products from leading brands such as Gilmour, Linear LLC (a division of Nortek), and Nest Labs.

The addition of these category leaders to the group of 15 companies already collaborating with the Wink platform is a testament to the growing shared interest across the industry in making the connected home accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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About Wink
Wink is the quick and simple way to connect you and the products you rely on in the home. Wink allows you to confidently interact with and operate many different products – all from an Apple or Android mobile device. Through retail partnerships with The Home Depot and, as well as partnerships with everyday household brands, Wink extends the comfort you have with your home products to the smart technology that runs them. For more information, visit

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