Leak Protection Kit

Leak Protection Kit
This kit features a Dome Water Main Shut-Off Valve and 2 Dome Leak Sensors. Pair them with your Wink Hub to automatically alert you to leaks and shut off your water source to prevent flooding. Save 15% off full individual retail prices with this kit.
Dome Leak Sensor

Use the Dome Leak Sensor with your Wink Hub and save thousands of dollars by preventing water damage. Receive an alert and turn off your water main when an appliance malfunctions, the toilet leaks, or the pump starts to overflow.

Dome Water Main Shut-Off

Turn off your water automatically when leaks are detected or when you travel out of town. The Water Main Shut-Off can even automate your water heater or anything else that uses a quarter-turn ball valve. Install it on your existing water main with just a screw driver. No cutting into pipes or calling a plumber.