Aaron Dignan
This Smart Old House
This Smart Old House
Discrete Control
Aaron’s updated farmhouse may be an antique, but it’s anything but old-fashioned. Its climate is managed with Quirky+GE’s Norm—a sleek, interfaceless thermostat that’s entirely controlled by the Wink app.
Garage Doors
Home Base
Aaron makes the two-hour trip between New York City and Westchester every day. He trusts Chamberlain’s MyQ garage door system to expedite his departure and arrival, as well as keep his home secure long after he’s pulled away.
A Watchful Eye
When it comes to home security, the Dignan’s use Dropcam, a Wink-connected device that offers the family around-the-clock video monitoring capabilities. Home is where the heart is, but it’s nice to have an extra set of eyes there, too.
Small Details, Large Impact
From the moment Aaron gets home, his house comes alive. That's because it's teched out with gadgets like Quirky+GE's smart power strip and dimmers by Lutron. With The Wink app, products like these can easily be scheduled, automated, and controlled remotely.
This Smart Old House
Tech entrepreneur Aaron Dignan lives with his family in a 200 year old antique farmhouse outside of New York City that is anything but old-fashioned; outfitted with an array of Wink-enabled products, the Dignan residence is a fully automated and alive smart home of the future.