Foster Huntington
The Tree House
The Tree House
An Illuminating Presence
Living in a tree house in the wilderness calls for safe, sustainable home appliances. Wink allows Foster to set up his GE Link bulbs so they turn on the moment he sets foot on the bridge leading to his front door and off as soon as he leaves. As a result, he’s never left out in the dark or wasting power.
Rise and Shine
Foster’s home offers stunning 360-degree views, but early sunrises call for light-blocking blinds to steal a few extra hours of sleep. Luckily, the tree house is equipped with Bali’s automated shades that are easily controlled from within Wink’s smartphone application.
Views from the Top
Foster spends much of his time working and adventuring far from home. But now, thanks to the high-quality image capturing capabilities of Dropcam’s wireless camera, Foster can observe the home-window view he’s used to, no matter where the road takes him.
The Tree House
Foster Huntington is a restless traveler who has finally set down roots in a rural tree house overlooking the Washington wilderness. Built by hand over the course of six months, Foster’s elevated home is a labor of love that’s far from rustic, thanks to a suite of Wink-connected home products that are both practical and environmentally sustainable.