The Anatoll Family
A Very Modern Family
A Very Modern Family
Peace of Mind
This active family depends on the convenience and reassurance offered by Wink-connected products, such as the Kwikset deadbolt and Nest’s smoke and carbon monoxide detector. With a couple swipes, the Anatolls can control and monitor locks, lights, and sensors from Relay or the Wink app on their mobile devices.
Glow Home
The Anatolls use connected lighting all over their home—from GE Link bulbs in living room lamps to Philips Friends of hue LightStrips in each of the children’s bedrooms. From pretty pink to icy blue, LightStrips give the kids a creative way to customize their personal space without messy paint or noisy drills.
The Grill, Mastered
Barbecuing for four has never been easier than after installing Refuel. It measures the grill’s propane tank levels and sends alerts to the Anatolls’ mobile device when its running low; that means no more last-minute trips to the store for fuel during grilling season.
A Very Modern Family
The Anatoll household sees lots of early mornings, busy evenings, and moving pieces. The family relies on the ease and efficiency of Wink-connected products for everything from home security to lighting and temperature settings. For this family, forgetting to turn off the lights or accidentally leaving the door unlocked are things of the past.