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Wink Look Out Kit
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  • Wink Look Out Kit
  • Wink App (6.5+)
  • Internet connection (Ethernet port or Wi-Fi network with 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz)
  • Apple® or Android™ smart device (tablets and desktops not supported)
Product FAQ
What is Wink Look Out?
Wink Look Out is our smart security essentials kit. Get notified about activity around your home and quickly decide how to respond. It’s the perfect gateway if you are interested in protecting your home, but don’t want to pay hefty fees for professional installation.

Wink Look Out grants you freedom from worrying about what’s going on at home when you’re not there, and allows you control over your home should something unexpected occur.
What is included in Wink Look Out?
Wink Look Out starter kit includes: Wink Hub 2, two Wink Door/Window Sensors, Wink Motion Sensor, Wink Siren & Chime, with our free in-app service for self-monitored home security. Wink Look Out also includes a power adapter, 6-foot Ethernet cable, and a Quick Start Guide.

Products included in Wink Look Out are sleek, state of the art, and subtle enough to blend in with your home’s decor. When you're ready to expand your smart home system, Wink makes it easy to add more sensors and connected products to Look Out.
How does Wink Look Out work in the Wink app?
In the Wink mobile app, Look Out is a free, in-app service that helps you stay connected to your home no matter where you are. Get notified about activity around your home and quickly decide how to respond.

Receive instant alerts when activity is detected for doors, windows, locks, garage doors, and more, know the exact sensor that tripped right away, and view recent and historical activity.
How do I set up Wink Look Out?
Set up Look Out quickly with Wink’s specialized pairing technology. It’s as simple as unboxing and installing your sensors. Follow the Quick Start Guide instructions (included in the Wink Look Out box) or let the Wink app guide you through the simple setup process.

Simply plug in and connect Wink Hub 2 to your home internet, and download the Wink app. Once you create an account, Wink will recognize the Wink Look Out starter kit and prompt you to begin setup. The Look Out Setup Checklist will guide you through easy setup and installation, allowing you the flexibility to pick and choose which products you want to set up now, or choose to resume setup at a later time.
Can I purchase the Wink security products separately?
Yes, if you’d like to learn more about these products check out Wink Door/Window Sensor, Wink Motion Sensor, and Wink Siren & Chime
Are batteries included in the Wink security products?
Yes, batteries are included for Wink Look Out. The Wink Siren & Chime has two Lithium CR123A batteries, the Wink Motion Sensor has one Lithium CR123A battery, and the Wink Door/Window Sensor has one Lithium CR2 battery per sensor.
Battery life: Up to 3 years
Can I connect other brands’ security products to Wink Look Out?
Yes, you can connect any Wink-compatible alarm, camera, doorbell, door / window sensor, garage door, lock, or motion sensor.
Can I connect other smart products to the Wink Hub 2 that is included in Wink Look Out?
Yes, any of the hundreds of Wink-compatible products can be connected with the Wink Hub 2 that is included in the Wink Look Out Security Essentials kit.
Is there a difference between a standalone Wink Hub 2 and the Wink Hub 2 included in Wink Look Out?
The hardware and software are the same. The difference is that the Wink app will recognize Wink Look Out as a pre-paired Wink Hub 2 and security products, guiding you through a simplified setup experience with helpful tips about easy installation options and the opportunity to test out each sensor around the home.
Can the products included in Wink Look Out be used outdoors?
No, these products are not recommended for outdoor use.
Can I use Wink Look Out for more than one home location?
Look Out is currently designed to be used for a single home location.
What should I do if I'm having trouble connecting my Wink Look Out?
If you’re having trouble setting up Wink Look Out products or service, refer to the individual FAQ pages for Wink Look Out Smart Security Essentials, Wink Look Out, Wink Hub 2, Wink Door/Window Sensor, Wink Motion Sensor, or Wink Siren & Chime. Still have questions? Email ( the Wink support team for more help.
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